Cakes for all occasions!


Celebrate with cake!

Nuflours cakes will make everyone happy, not just your gluten free guests. Nuflours gluten free cakes are 3 layers of cake with a frosting filling.

Order from our cake menu below. We offer an amazing selection of Nuflours unique flavor combinations, available in an 8-inch for walk-in orders.

Need a custom size? We require a minimum of three full days notice on made-to-order cakes and subject to availability.

cake flavors

We always some ready-made 8-inch round cakes on hand for you to grab and go! These cakes are offered daily and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Always on the Menu

• chocolate pistachio (df) - chocolate cake with dairy free pistachio frosting and chocolate frosting

• carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

• chocolate raspberry (v) - vegan chocolate cake with layers of raspberry frosting made with fresh raspberry jam

spring seasonal flavors

• S'mores - chocolate cake, graham cracker frosting, toasted marshmallows.

• Marionberry Lemon (df) - vanilla cake, marionberry frosting with a lemon curd filling. 5% of the proceeds will go to Stop AAIP Hate.


Listed below are the prices of popular cake sizes. Please email to inquire about a custom size.

6 inch round, 6-8 servings

starting price: $44

8 inch round, 10-12 servings

starting price: $53

10 inch round, 16-24 servings

starting price: $71.50

1 dozen cupcakes

starting price: $53

Cheesecake, 10-12 servings

starting price: $60 (Not available vegan or dairy free)


See all our artisan breads and care instructions!


Bread is often one of the things those living a gluten free life miss the most. Crave no longer! Nuflours' gluten free bread is created by a dedicated team who makes the best gluten free loaf in Seattle. Our bread is baked fresh daily without preservatives. See care instructions to extend the shelf life of each loaf. (v) - vegan (df) - dairy free.


Our breads are baked fresh daily without the use of preservatives. To ensure our customers enjoy each loaf fully, without compromising quality or structure, we recommend the following care instructions to extend its natural shelf life.

Slice and freeze bread the day after purchase; this extends the shelf life to up to two weeks or longer depending on your freezer.

Take out slices as needed to defrost in the toaster, on the counter, or in the microwave.

Breads can be left on the counter for up to two days, time varies loaf to loaf.

Refrigeration is not recommended as it tends to dry out the bread.


Variety of quiche flavors available daily.



Begin your morning by choosing from our variety of breakfast quiches. Quiches are available whole or by the slice and come in bacon potato, jalapeno cheddar, and mushroom gouda.

Ordering Online from Nuflours

Nationwide Shipping

We offer nationwide shipping for most of our gluten free baked goods and treats to anywhere in the USA.

In-Store Pickup

Come by our Seattle store to pick up your gluten free baked goodness. We're open Tuesday through Sunday.

On Demand Delivery

Local delivery is available same day through Grubhub and DoorDash

Have a question? Contact Nuflours!

Nuflours bakery staff is here to help you answer questions about our gluten free products, ingredients, shipping and availability.