3 Delicious Holiday Activities for the Gluten-Free Life

3 Delicious Holiday Activities for the Gluten-Free Life

Having a special dietary restriction can be challenging at the best of times. Around the holidays, living a gluten-free life can feel especially hard to navigate. The air seems to be one big cloud of gluten coming to devour you. Holiday parties become anxiety-ridden events, and sometimes it feels like you’re missing out.

 That’s where we come in!

 We have some special, safe, and delicious holiday activities you can do with your families and your friends without fear!


Gluten-Free Gingerbread Houses


We love creating these charming little homes every year!

nuflours gluten free gingerbread house kit

We’ve made a kit that includes everything you need for your gingerbread dwelling, including frosting, candies, and two gingerbread people.


The houses are also vegan in addition to being gluten-free.


Keep in mind as you’re building your house that we are also hosting a gingerbread house contest this year on our social media channels!


Simply send us a picture of you making your house, or the finished product in all its glory, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #nuflours for your chance to win!


The contest deadline is January 7, 2019, so get your house kit soon!


If you’d like more variety in your candy decorations, check out Rocket Fizz, Soda Pop and Candy Shop in Capitol Hill!


They have a beautiful display and a wide variety of gluten-free candies!

Take & Bake Kits

We know how daunting the idea of gluten-free baking can be, especially during the holidays when such significance is placed on baked goods.


That’s why we’ve developed our Take & Bake Kits, where we’ve done the hard parts for you.


 Available in gingerbread (vegan) and classic sugar cookie, the kits contain frozen dough ready to cut out into your favorite shapes and bake!

gingerbread take and bake

Each kit comes with a gingerbread cookie cutter, baking instructions, and most fun of all, the ability to say, “thanks, I made them myself,” when complimented on all that gluten-free goodness.


Sugar Cookies

If you’d prefer your cookies pre-baked, we’ve got you covered there too!

nuflours gluten free sugar cookie

Choose from our popular sugar cookies (available in standard gluten-free or vegan) and we’ll provide a small container of frosting for your decorating pleasure!


This can be an especially fun activity to do with little ones with gluten allergies who don’t want to miss out on the tradition of cookie decorating.


Please call us or at (206) 395-4623 or stop by the shop to purchase any of the above items.

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