5 Gluten-Free Restaurants for Date Night in Seattle

5 Gluten-Free Restaurants for Date Night in Seattle

One of the greatest concerns a person living a gluten-free life encounters is eating out at restaurants. Consuming food you’ve not prepared yourself can cause a lot of anxiety, especially if there isn’t an understanding of how ill you can become if are exposed to gluten.

 As a gluten-free bakery, Nuflours is always a safe place for you, but we’ve also put together this list of the 5 best places you can take your sweetheart for an anxiety-free date night this Valentine’s day or any other day of the year.


Capitol Cider

Capitol Cider is the largest independent cider bar in the country. Even more exciting, their kitchen is 100% gluten free.

From classic brunch and dinner entrees to delicious desserts, Capitol Cider has everything you need to have a complete meal free of anxiety.

If that isn’t enough, they also host regular events including live music, art, literature nights and more. A perfect spot for a gluten-free date night!


Ghostfish Brewing Co.

If you like beer, you’re in luck. Ghostfish Brewing Co. crafts gluten-free beers using millet, buckwheat and brown rice.

They also offer a delectable menu on a 100% gluten-free premise.

Add that to being dog and family friendly, and you really can’t go wrong.


Revolve Food & Wine

Revolve Food & Wine is all about wellness.

Their menu is not only gluten-free, but also grain-free, non-GMO, organic, and, whenever possible, local.


They are dedicated to amazing food, exceptional wine, and all-around wellness.

In addition to a night on the town, you can also reserve a private space to host gluten-free parties and events.



Jujubeet is a delightful cold-press juice bar focusing on raw, unprocessed fruits and vegetables for their juices, cleanses, and elixirs.

With 4 locations (two in Bellevue and two in Seattle), Jujubeet offers a wide variety of healthy and nutritional options.

While they are not a certified gluten-free facility, they do have an array of gluten free options, including some selections from Nuflours!

fresh juice

Frankie & Jo’s

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love Frankie & Jo’s plant-based ice cream!

Yes, you read that right, Frankie & Jo’s ice cream is made from ingredients that only come from plants.

This means their frozen desserts are not only gluten-free, but also vegan.

Even their waffle cones are gluten-free, as well as any sweet, chewy additions you have added to your ice cream.


We hope this list gives you some fun and delicious ideas to enjoy in Seattle with your gluten-free sweetheart! We wish you all the health, wellness, and good food you can get this Valentine’s Day and every day after!

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