Community Love

Community Love

Community love is needed now more than ever. With so much to drive us apart, finding our common ground is essential to re-connecting to the humanity in one another.

Here at Nuflours, one of our foundational values is bringing people together through one of our favorite things; the delight and comfort of baked goods.

Whatever your life circumstances or dietary challenges, there’s a seat for you at our table. We want to highlight this message of community love throughout this month and the rest of the year.

If you wonder how you can spread the love in the coming months, we have some suggestions on how to get started.


How can I use love in the community?


Connect to a Neighbor

There was once a time when everyone knew their neighbors. Nowadays it’s not so common, but keep in mind your neighbor doesn’t have to be someone you live close to. They can be the person in the next cubicle over, your workplace friend, the older lady you wave to every morning. Opportunities to connect are all around us. Take the extra step to say hello and start a conversation or show community love by bringing them a plate of fresh gluten-free cookies.


Call Up an Old Friend

It’s so easy to fall out of touch with people who mean something to us. The more time goes by, the more awkward it can feel to try and re-connect and so we just never reach out. Thanks to the internet and cell phones, it’s never been easier to hunt down an old friend. Call them up. Re-connect. You may find you can pick up right where you left off or heal an old hurt that’s been haunting you for years.



Take a Mentor to Coffee

Take an old teacher or mentor who greatly impacted your life out to coffee. Let them know what their talent, time, or attention meant to you and how it’s affected your life. We sometimes just assume people know that we are grateful to them, but they won’t know for sure unless you tell them! Bring them into Nuflours, let us pour you a hot cup of coffee and warm up your favorite treat while you catch up with each other.


Connect with Siblings

Like old friends, siblings are easy to take for granted or fall out of contact with. But your siblings are the only other people on Earth who know what it was to grow up in your family and share so much of the formative years of your life. Nurture this connection if you can and try to keep life from separating you too far from each other.


Host an Afternoon Tea

One of our favorite ways to share community love is to host an afternoon tea! Invite anyone and everyone, brew countless pots of your favorites herbal and black teas, share sweets and sandwiches, and simply enjoy each other’s company.


How do you spread the community love? We’d love to hear your stories!


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