Easy Decorating Tips For Gluten Free Halloween Cupcakes

gluten free Halloween cupcakes
Halloween cupcakes are easy to make and fun to decorate! With just a few tools and a little creativity you can make your very own gluten free Halloween treats.

Obviously you first need a cupcake to decorate. We suggest picking up a bag of our pre-made gluten free cake mix from our online store. It comes in chocolate and vanilla and makes the cupcake baking process a breeze!

Tools For Decorating Your Gluten Free Halloween Cupcakes

If you have some cake decorating supplies, they will definitely come in handy for our easy Halloween cupcake decorating tips. However if you don't, simply using a plastic baggie will work just as well!
For those with decorating supplies, you will need:
  • Piping Bags
  • Large flat tip
  • No. 12 round tip
  • No. 805 round tip
  • No. 4 circular tip
For those without decorating supplies, you will need:
  • Plastic Baggies
  • A pair of scissors
Of course you can't decorate cupcakes without some delicious frosting to use! Here is a quick and simple recipe for buttercream frosting to get you started:

American Buttercream Frosting Recipe

2 sticks butter

4 cups powdered sugar

Tsp vanilla

Any added coloring you’d like!


Begin with room temperature butter. Use the paddle attachment of your mixer to cream the butter. Be careful not to whip the butter. The consistency should be smooth and creamy. Use a spatula to scrape the sides of the bowl, as the butter will climb the sides while being mixed. 

Add sugar slowly. Once the sugar clumps get mixed out, add vanilla to taste and any optional coloring. 

Tip: If you are making multiple colors, split the batch of finished frosting, keeping one white and add color to other bowls to avoid making frosting several times for different colors.


Mummy Halloween Cupcakes

Now that you have your frosting and decorating tools, it's time to begin!
Mix a batch of black and white frosting.
Next, using the white frosting, fill your baggie or piping bag. 
Using your flat decorating tip, create strips of frosting in layers across the cupcakes to create the mummy wrappings. (If you are using a baggie, simply snip the edge of the baggie to the desired shape and size with scissors.)
Next, use your no. 805 round tip to make two large white dollops for the eyes, Next, layer slightly smaller dollops of black frosting on top of your first dollops to create pupils. Finally, add one more tiny dollop of white on top of your two previous layers to complete the mummy eyes. 
Repeat on as many cupcakes as you'd like!

Monster Halloween Cupcakes

Now that you've mastered cupcake eyes, you can use the same technique to make monsters!
Instead of using white frosting and a flat tip to create mummy wrappings, dye regular table sugar or flaked coconut any color you'd like and simply dip the top of a frosted cupcake in your desired confection.
This is a great technique for creating monsters if you don't have piping bags or baggies and it's a part of the process that even small children will enjoy taking part in.

Spider Halloween Cupcakes

Create the webbing on the cupcake with your small circular no. 4 tip. Next, switch to your no. 805 tip to make a large dollop for the spider body. Lastly, create the spider legs with your smaller tip. 
spider halloween cupcake

Halloween Cupcake Optional Add-Ons

There is no limit to the tasty additions you can have on your Halloween cupcakes! Here are a few suggestions you could try:

  • M&Ms
  • Reese's Cups
  • KitKat Bars
  • Dyed Table Sugar
  • Dyed Flaked Coconut
  • Cinnamon
  • Jam

Additional Halloween Treats

If you prefer other types of treats instead of Halloween cupcakes, there is plenty to choose from!
We currently have several limited time Halloween treats in the bakery, including our spider web brownies!
toy spiders on gluten free brownie Halloween
You can also purchase a pack of our gluten free chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies, add eyeballs and some legs to create some delicious and adorable spiders!
Have a blast and let us know what you come up with by tagging us in your photos on Instagram @nufloursbakery!
If you want to add some variety to your Halloween spread, contact us about our limited time Halloween treats available in the bakery!
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