Less Stress, More Hygge

Less Stress, More Hygge

“Hygge” (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish and Norwegian word for a feeling of comfort and coziness along with a sense of well being and contentment.

In the January gray, when it feels like you may never see the sun again, we are all about cultivating some serious hygge!

Winter is a particularly good season to spend some time thinking about how to create an environment for yourself that facilitates well being.

Here are some of our favorite ideas on how to live your best hygge life. Feel free to add yours to the comments below!


Stay Home and Order In

For many of us, a big part of staying comfortable and cozy is being able to cuddle up at home; especially when the weather is particularly inhospitable. That’s why we’ve partnered with delivery services GrubHub and Caviar to bring a select menu of our warm and delicious baked goods right to your front door! Nothing says “hygge” like a gooey cinnamon roll or hearty piece of bacon and potato quiche!


Books, Books, and More Books

Books allow you to explore many worlds from the comfort of your own house. Cuddle up with your favorite pillows, blankets, and a pile of books you’ve been meaning to read and the coziness will just start to seep in to you. Plus, reading in the winter months alleviates any guilt you may feel about reading when the weather’s good; there’s no harm in spending the day reading in your hygge living room when it’s too wet and cold to be outside anyway, right?

 books and hygge

Hot Beverages and Hygge Food

As lovely as a reading nest is, if you want to kick up the hygge a notch, you’ll need a hot drink and some good snacks too! Coffee, tea, chai, cocoa, cider, or whatever warm beverage floats your boat is a perfect addition to your reading time. We have a few suggestions for good reading snacks in our online shop as well!


Feel-Good Movies for Hygge Coziness

High drama and geniusly-crafted cinema is an important part of consuming quality art, but some days you just want to watch that comforting animated movie from childhood or re-watch your favorite feel-good show that you’ve already seen a hundred time. If it makes you cozy and boosts your morale, we say go for it! Do it for the hygge!

latern warmth and hygge

Light it Up!

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time in the Pacific Northwest you know how important good illumination is during the dark months. Make your spaces bright, warm, and cozy by bringing in some hygge lighting with twinkle lights, salt lamps, candles, lanterns, and any other source of light that lifts your spirits and creates a homey and pleasant atmosphere. It will do wonders for the January blues, we promise!


How do you cultivate hygge in your life, especially in the wintertime? Leave a comment and share your ideas!


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