Expanding Your Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Dessert Table

Expanding Your Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Dessert Table

Thanksgiving food traditions are a marvelous thing to have. They offer comfort, consistency, and shared delight throughout the holiday season.

When Thanksgiving is being discussed, usually a couple of universal traditions come to mind; turkey and pie.

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE pie. Like, really love it. So much so that we offer grab-and-go pies, pre-ordered pies, and pre-baked pie shells all throughout the Thanksgiving season to make sure you get all the gluten-free pie you can eat.

But, as a bakery, we are very aware of all the confectionery goodness that exists outside of the wonderful world of pie. So if you’re looking to expand your dessert table this Thanksgiving by exploring a new world of gluten-free delights, we’ve got some ideas to offer!

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is delicious, quick, and no baking is required! If that wasn’t enough, it’s also gluten-free! Made with sugar, chocolate, and heavy cream, you can choose to garnish with raspberries, mint, or cookies. Heck, it’s Thanksgiving, why not use all three?

Paleo Cakelette

Our Paleo, sugar-free cakelette was developed in-house and has the consistency and deep dark chocolate taste of the real thing. Our chocolate paleo cakelette is a wonderful addition to a dessert table that is serving guests who struggle with dietary needs beyond gluten allergies.


Always smooth, always classy, cheesecake is a decadent addition to any dessert table! Throughout the holiday season, we offer gluten-free cheesecakes by the slice or by the whole, in classic, pumpkin, and (for chocolate lovers) turtle.

 (See something you like? Call us at (206) 395-4623 or visit our online menu to place your order today!)

Cookie Platter

A beautiful cookies platter can be laid out for your family and guests to enjoy as a pre-dinner appetizer, a snack while watching the game, or as an after-dinner dessert with a hot cup of coffee.

We offer a variety of gluten-free cookies for a safe and yummy cookie platter. Some of our selections include classic chocolate chip, gingersnap, vegan (and sugar-free!) coconut oatmeal yoyo, in addition to our seasonal favorite, peppermint chocolate sandwich cookies! You can always add brownies, millionaire bars, and raspberry bars as well!

Hot Chocolate Bar

Put your own personal spin on a classic and go crazy with your very own hot chocolate bar! Explore white hot chocolate, homemade hot chocolate, dark raspberry hot chocolate, Mexican hot chocolate, or any other flavor you can dream up! Of course no hot chocolate bar would be complete without a big bowl of marshmallows and a can of Reddi Whip! Sip on it all day or have a bit after dinner as dessert.

Gluten-free Thanksgiving planning got you in a fluster? We’re currently taking Thanksgiving orders! Make sure you get your pie, stuffing, and dinner rolls ordered and ready to go before the cut-off date of Monday, November 25th, at 3pm! (Payment due at time of order.)

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